So, how can we live forever…

Archbishop William Goh’s thoughts on this subject throws some interesting insights on how we should search ourselves in the way we lead our lives and therein lies the answer Learning about faith: Neophytes from various districts listen to Archbishop Goh speaking on the topic, Body of Christ, at the Church of the Holy Trinity.No one [...]

Don’t put yourself down

A HEALTHY spirituality is one that joyfully surrenders to God’s Will, offering all sufferings and humiliations in a spirit of reparation so that even the downside of life is seen as a blessing. This surrender to God includes die way we accept ourselves and our own life. Let’s face it, some lives are messier than [...]

Pope honours CN editor

THE Cathedral of the Good Shepherd was packed to capacity at the 10 am Mass, Sunday, Jan 21, for a very special reason. The Apostolic Pronuncio, His Excellency Archbishop Alberto Tricarico presided at the investiture ceremony of Mgr J.R. de Rozario who was promoted to the rank of honorary Prelate of die Holy Father.It was [...]

An oasis of peace

SITUATED at the back building of the former Saint Francis Seminary in Ponggol Rd, Singapore, is the relatively unknown Trinity House of Prayer. It is run by an Australian Redemptorist, Brother Casirnir.  This prayer house was established to meet a most urgent need for people today – the need for silence and solitude.As Brother Casimir [...]

What’s Worth Dying For?

SFX Bulletin, 29 June 2014: Ensconced in secure Singapore, the martyrdom of Sts Peter and Paul, the pillars of the church, can seem like something from an era of blood-thirsty Roman emperors.  Both Peter and Paul are believed to have died under Emperor Nero before 68AD.  Church Father, Origen, said that Peter felt unworthy to [...]

Values: Of Means, Ends and Morality

In this final article in the series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore, we look at the fundamentals in ethical debates. A TROLLEY car is hurtling down a track. In its path are five people who will definitely be killed unless you, a bystander, flip a switch which will divert it [...]

Kids Page: Man, woman eat the forbidden fruit

After God created the heavens and the earth, everything was in darkness, so he commanded, "Let there be light." And light appeared. He created the land and the seas, the fish and the birds, the animals and the plants. Then, out of the clay of the earth, he molded a man to live in the [...]