Giving hope, love to those on death row

André Ahchak and Jared NgDuring the seven years Sister Gerard Fernandez spent counselling and journeying with Catherine Tan in death row, “God was always right by our side … Listening, loving and forgiving.” “Christ was so present in that prison,” recalled the Good Shepherd Sister (RGS), who turns 81 in February.The nun met Catherine and [...]

How to prepare for the coming of Christ

Advent is a time of penance, anticipation and joyFather Ignatius YeoCatholics may find some similarities between the season of Advent and the season of Lent. For a start, both seasons employ the use of purple vestments, a “rose” Sunday (Gaudete in Advent and Laetare in Lent), and the elimination of the Gloria in Mass – [...]

Help shape The Catholic News

Things you never knew about us, The Catholic News.* The paper first published in 1935 as the Malaya Catholic Leader.* Over the decades, the name was changed to The Malayan Catholic Newsletter. It later became the Malaysian Catholic News which then evolved into today’s The Catholic News in 1974. * Some of the advertisements in [...]

District Masses, cathedral tours

Mr Jevon Liew, a cathedral volunteer, conducting a tour of the cathedral.“It’s important to understand what hospitality means. It is simply seeing to the one who is in need,” said Fr Peter Tan, from the Church of St Michael.Hospitality is about serving the person who “comes to us knocking at our door”, and even going [...]

Chancery Notice – 1 July 2016

OBITUARY Mdm. Martha Zhang Pinxian, mother of Fr Peter Zhang CDD passed away on 30 June 2016 in Beijing at 1.20pm Beijing local time.She was 71 years old and had been admitted to hospital for the past month. Fr Peter Zhang CDD had taken home leave to be with his mother this past month. In [...]

Catholic High School celebrates 80th anniversary with play

Catholic High School (CHS) held a play on two separate dates as part of its 80th anniversary celebrations. The play, titled Di’Vine, was also part of the school’s bi-annual Easter production.It was performed by secondary school students on April 22 and April 28 at the secondary school hall.Mr Isaiah Christopher Lee wrote the play while [...]

The marriage vows

Couples who marry in the Catholic Church exchange vows on their wedding day.  Two couples who have remained true in good and bad times, in health and sickness, for a total of 50 over years look back and reflect on the meaning of their vows.I take you to be my wife/husbandIgnatius: The flipside of “take” [...]

Cherish the Spirit

SFX Bulletin, 8 June 2014: The Solemnity of Pentecost marks the end of the 50-day liturgical season of Easter.  Papal household preacher, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, says that Pentecost is among the four most important events in human history, “The event of Pentecost, the descent of the Holy Spirit, was an incredible event – one of the [...]