Pope Francis Expresses Concern For The Unemployed

Vatican City, 23 April 2014 (VIS) – Following today's general audience, the Holy Father launched an appeal for the workers of the Lucchini steelworks in Piombino, which closed down a few days ago causing mass layoffs. Pope Francis urged them not to despair, remarking that “when human hopes are extinguished, the divine hope that never [...]

Pope Francis: Without Work, Human Dignity Is Wounded

Vatican City, 20 March 2014 (VIS) – Today Pope Francis again emphasised the primary importance of work and the need for creativity and solidarity to face the economic crisis, receiving in audience the employees and managers of the Italian “Acciaierie di Terni” steelworks, accompanied by the bishop of the diocese and a group of faithful, [...]

Young people learn to evangelise through mime and drama

How can one share Jesus with others? One creative method is through mime and drama!This was what a group of mostly young people learnt when they gathered at the Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Centre on Feb 23.The participants, aged 17 to late 30s, attended a creativity workshop led by theatre practitioner and mime artist Krysztof Najdowski. [...]

Exploring new aspects of creativity in the golden years

WHEN the great pianist Vladimir Horowitz, who had in effect been exiled from communist Russia, returned to his homeland for a concert, he was 83. The concert hall was sold out. But people gathered outside and opened windows, sat on curbs and sidewalks, and wept as the music poured.The American painter known as Grandma Moses [...]

Viewpoints: Liturgy hijacked by choir-master’s ‘creativity’

BEING A FAN of Zenit’s weekly “Liturgy” column where liturgical abuses are regularly discussed, I was quite blasé about “Music for Mass not liturgical” (CN, May 23, 2010).However, on Trinity Sunday, during the Mass I was participating in, the liturgy was hijacked by the choir-master’s creativity. The participating congregation was changed into a pack of [...]

Children with special needs bring blessings to whole family

  ARCHBISHOP FULTON SHEEN has said that a special child in a family brings tremendous blessings to the whole family, making saints of everyone. So the presence of this child is like a magnet drawing graces and blessings on everyone, especially the parents. The womb she or he spent nine months in, is sanctified by [...]