Birth Control – By Jerome P. Holland

The strict attitude of the Catholic Church in condemning the practice of birth control acts as setback to many. and especially to intelligent non-Catholics. The official declaratiom: of Protestant sects have been so bewildering and contradictory in this matter that Protestants in general get no sense of direction whatever from these sources. Propaganda for birth [...]

Article paints Catholic Church as uncaring

"BABIES: A LIFE and death decision for Manila’s poor" (The Straits Times, Feb 13, 2008) paints the Catholic Church as an unfeeling and uncaring institution that seems to be more interested in dogma than in life. This misrepresents the truth of the church’s concern, which is really about promoting a culture of life. Artificial birth [...]

Wisdom, awake us

PEOPLE IN 12-step programmes conclude the familiar form of the Serenity Prayer with " ... and the wisdom to know the difference". The practical wisdom they are praying for is the ability to discern what they can change and what they cannot change, what they are in control of and what they must accept if [...]

The right way to plan a family

  MUST SPOUSES HAVE as many children as is physically possible? This has never been the teaching of the church. Spouses are expected to be responsible about their child-bearing, to bring forth children that they can raise well. But the means used to limit family size must be moral. Methods of Natural Family Planning are [...]