Fostering dialogue between Buddhist and Catholic nuns

The First International Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Nuns from various parts of the world.Just why did 70 nuns from 15 countries, many travelling across the globe to congregate in Taiwan, meet in a Buddhist monastery?It was a landmark conference indeed for all the nuns who were participating in the First International Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Nuns, held [...]

Prayer booklet a gift to Catholics for his 25 years as a priest

Inspired by his 25 years of priestly service to the Church, Fr Henry Siew says he will be releasing a prayer booklet called Encountering the Lord in Daily Life.The booklet contains three different prayers – Consciousness Examen, Lectio Divina and Imaginative Contemplation.Consciousness Examen is becoming aware of God’s presence in one’s daily activities. Lectio Divina [...]

Religion, spirituality and the importance of contemplation

Sr Theresa Seow delivers interfaith lecture on ‘Seeking Spirituality’Contemplation is important to keep a person on track in his spiritual journey.Canossian Sr Theresa Seow made this comment during her lecture, Seeking Spirituality in the 21st Century, at the Singapore Islamic Hub on Sept 6.According to her, to contemplate is to exercise patience. […]

Angelus: Contemplation And Service Are Not In Opposition

Vatican City, 21 July 2013 (VIS) – The Holy Father’s Sunday meditation before praying the Angelus this morning was dedicated to Jesus’ visit to the house of Martha and Mary in Bethany in the Gospel of St. Luke, and the two key themes of Christian life: contemplation, listening to the Word of God and the [...]

Contemplation Of Christ Does Not Distance Us From Reality

Vatican City, 13 June 2012 (VIS) – St. Paul’s experience of contemplation and the power of prayer, as recounted in his Second Letter to the Corinthians, provided the central theme of Benedict XVI’s catechesis, during his general audience held this morning in the Paul VI Hall. Paul did not respond to the voices questioning the [...]

Eucharistic Communion And Contemplation Are Inseparable

At the moment of adoration, we are all at the same level, “on our knees before the Sacrament of Love. The common and ministerial priesthood come together in the cult of the Eucharist. … By remaining together in silence before the Lord, present in His Sacrament, we have one of the most authentic experiences of [...]

Rupert of Deutz: Study of the Faith and Contemplation

Rupert of Deutz “teaches us that when controversy arises in the Church, reliance on the Petrine ministry is a guarantee of faithfulness to healthy doctrine and brings inner serenity and freedom”.In his general audience, held this morning in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall, the Pope turned his attention to another twelfth century monk: Rupert of [...]

Hugh And Richard Of St. Victor: Divine Contemplation

“How our world would change if in families, parishes and all other communities, relationships were always lived following the example of the three divine Persons, in which each lives not only with the other, but for the other and in the other!” – Pope Benedict XVIVATICAN CITY, 25 NOV 2009 (VIS) – During today’s general [...]

Growing in contemplation with Suzanne Vega

Singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega has inspired Sister Wendy Ooi, fsp to write songs and helped her find beauty and God in the least expected places. Watching Suzanne Vega live in Los Angeles recently was for Sister Wendy “an awesome experience because she gives her whole heart and soul to her performance”. Here, Sister Wendy shares how [...]