Learning about “death” in Judaism, Islam, Christianity

Speakers at the interreligious dialogue session on “death”. From left: Rabbi Mordechai Abergel, Mr Gerald Kong (moderator), Ustazah Lina Sakina bte Salim and Sister Theresa Seow.Christopher Khoo Jews believe in reincarnation. Muslims believe that the prayers of a “righteous child” can spiritually benefit a deceased parent. Christians believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection opened up [...]

Questions on the Faith: About cremation

Q: During Bible Study, we discussed what our resurrected bodies would look like and this led to the subject of Catholic burial. Some of us do not understand the Catholic Church’s stand that the cremated ashes of a Catholic can only be kept or deposited on holy ground which today means in a church columbarium. [...]

Letter: Columbarium visitors who give wardens headache

We have celebrated Holy Week.All those involved in Church ministries did their part, and I am sure the wardens throughout Singapore churches had their share of car park problems.The church that I am serving as a warden has a columbarium and many times during festive occasions, like Holy Week, we get many people from other [...]

Archbishop’s Message: Updating of columbarium rules and contracts

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,The subject of a deceased loved one’s remains is a very sensitive one, and as Catholics in Singapore, we value the attention shown by our Church columbaria in ensuring that these remains receive the utmost care and respect.It is in this context of ensuring the continued care and consideration for [...]

Catholic heroes’ ashes interred at Holy Spirit columbarium

  SINGAPORE – The remains of Father Anthony Schotte and Bishop Carlo van Melckebeke were installed at Church of the Holy Spirit’s columbarium on Friday Oct 24 following a requiem Mass. Both priests belonged to the CICM, an international religious missionary institute. Father Anthony Schotte founded Church of the Holy Spirit. The Mass was concelebrated [...]