In search of “the one”: The choice that we must all make

Is there such a thing as “real: love?  How do we know when we are ready for it?  And does love come with a freedom of choice?  These are questions that teenagers and young adults often ask or ponder about love.   Our contributor, Jean Cheng, recently spoke at St Francis Xavier Church on “Love vs [...]

The joys of responsible parenthood

JOHN AND JOANN, like many young couples, wanted "to get to know each other for the first two years before planning for children". On her first visit to her gynaecologist, Joann learned that she was "sub-fertile" and had been scheduled to undergo a procedure to help her. But before she could go through it, she [...]

A better relationship by choice

When you celebrate your wedding anniversary, it is important to not just have a party and an external renewal of the marriage vow but also to have a renewal of spirit and commitment to build a happier and more intimate relationship, writes Father Henry Siew.  […]