Learning about “death” in Judaism, Islam, Christianity

Speakers at the interreligious dialogue session on “death”. From left: Rabbi Mordechai Abergel, Mr Gerald Kong (moderator), Ustazah Lina Sakina bte Salim and Sister Theresa Seow.Christopher Khoo Jews believe in reincarnation. Muslims believe that the prayers of a “righteous child” can spiritually benefit a deceased parent. Christians believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection opened up [...]

What happens after confirmation?

Agape Village experience introduces confirmands to Catholic social teachingsConfirmands participate in a skit about the dignity of work.By Jeanette TanSome Saturday mornings at Agape Village are a hive of activity and noise.Buses pull into the Agape Village compound where a line of eager facilitators welcome up to 75 secondary catechism teenagers as they pour out.They’re [...]

Value Of Holy Mass

At the hour of death the Masses you have heard will be your greatest consolation.Every Mass will go with you to judgment and plead for pardon. At every Mass you can diminish the temporal punishment due to your sins, more or less, according to your fervour.Assisting devoutedly at Mass, you render to the sacred humanity [...]

Consecrated Life Is of Benefit to the Whole Church

“some people are asking themselves whether consecrated life continues to be a proposal capable of attracting young men and women. Yet consecrated life…has its origins in the Lord Himself, Who chose a lifestyle of chastity, poverty and obedience.  For this reason, it can never disappear or die in the Church for it was decided by [...]

Advent booklet focuses on how Singapore people envision hope

SINGAPORE – This year’s Advent booklet is titled "Being a People of Hope" and it examines how people in modern, urban Singapore envision hope. Using the readings from the weekly liturgy of Advent, the writers offer a vision of Christian hope. Connections are also made to Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical "Spe salvi", (Saved by Hope). [...]

Human ovum donation: Ethical and medical considerations

  DESPITE PUBLIC, MEDICAL and scientific objections raised during the Jan 11, 2008 public consultation on the obtaining and use of human ova in Human-Animal Hybrid Combinations for Stem Cell Research, the Bioethics Advisory Committee (BAC) has decided to pursue a futile area of research. And this at a time when the country has economic [...]