Helping the physically challenged get back on their feet

How ABLE provides physical rehabilitation and employment supportMs Stephanie Yip at a physiotherapy session. When she woke up one morning feeling weakness in her legs, Ms Stephanie Yip realised she had suffered a stroke. She was hospitalised for a month.Ms Yip, who is in her early 60s, had been suffering from diabetes before her stroke [...]

Communique From The Secretariat For The Economy

Vatican City, 5 April 2014 (VIS) – The Secretariat for the Economy communicates that Professor Franco Dalla Sega, lecturer at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, has been appointed as “ad interim” special adviser to the Extraordinary Section of APSA. Aside from assisting the secretary of APSA in the conduct of the activities of [...]

75 years assisting needy kids

Boys’ Town, a well-known institution in Singapore for underprivileged boys, was established in 1948.Br Emmanuel reflects on the Gabrielite Brothers’ work in Singapore over the decadesWhen the Brothers of St Gabriel first came to Singapore in 1936, their mission was to impart knowledge and provide education for needy youths.The Brothers founded schools and an orphanage, [...]

JRS assisting Africans stricken by food crisis

Refugee shelters at the transit centre in Dollo Ado, where refugees are documented before entering camps. Photo: ANGELIKA MENDES/JRSChildren vastly outnumber adults in some of the refugee camps in the Horn of Africa, where a prolonged drought is causing a severe food crisis.In the camps in the Dollo Ado district in Ethiopia, there are almost [...]