Letter: Looking at evolution in ‘proper light’

With reference to the article, Did Humans Evolve From Monkeys? (CN, Feb 9), I do agree with much of the fundamentals of the theology Fr Henry Siew put forth in his article. As a Catholic scientist, however, I simply cannot accept the science presented. There is a good reason for the Church’s caution in not [...]

Catholics learn about Sikhism through visit to temple

Catholics from various parishes were greeted with a surprise even before they stepped into the Central Sikh Temple at 2 Towner Road. They caught a glimpse of a newly-wed Sikh couple.The 16 Catholics including the executive secretary of the Archdiocesan Catholic Council for Interreligious Dialogue (ACCIRD), Mr Gerald Kong, learnt more about Sikhism on Jan [...]

Letter: That SMS or call can wait till after Mass

I would like to thank the CatholicNews editorial team for running the article, R U Texting in Church, Put the Phone Down! (CN, Nov 16). I am in total agreement with the article, and I believe that publishing this article will give many people food for thought. While this article was written in the US, [...]

Communique Concerning Article in “Corriere della Sera”

VATICAN CITY, 31 JAN 2012 (VIS) - Holy See Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J. today released a communique in response to questions from journalists about an article published in today's edition of the Italian newspaper "Corriere dell Sera" entitled "Dalla Congregazione dei Santi 1.6 milioni al 'Madoff dei Parioli'" (1.6 Million from the [...]

Death sentence of Pak Christian woman decried

Asia Bibi with her childrenChristian leaders have decried the death sentence given to a Catholic woman for blasphemy in Pakistan. “It is a condemnable thing in the contemporary world,” said Father Babu Joseph, spokesperson of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. A court in Pakistan on Nov 7 sentenced 45-year-old Asia Bibi to death, accepting [...]

“Champion of abortion” becomes defender of life

Stjan Adeservic, who performed 48,000 abortions, sometimes up to 35 per day  over 26 years is now the most important pro-life leader in Serbia.MADRID – The Spanish daily "La Razon" has published an article on the pro-life conversion of a former "champion of abortion". Stojan Adasevic, who performed 48,000 abortions, sometimes up to 35 per [...]

“Decorum at Mass” article timely (CN24, Nov 26)

THE LITURGY MATTERS series will help us understand the norms associated with the Mass. The first article, "Decorum at Mass" (CN, Nov 12), is timely because many of us treat the House of God as though it is an entertainment centre. We talk, laugh, engage in SMS, eat and drink, dress sloppily, stroll in after [...]