World Communications Day – Let God’s glory shine through your personal life …

The congregation at the World Communications Day Mass. Photo: VITA Images

Audrey Lee

Live a life such that you can showcase God’s love. And, in doing so you can all be witnesses of His glory through your own personal lives. So, as Catholics we must enlighten, not condemn, save lives and not bring others down, heal and not cause more division and hurt, said Archbishop William Goh.

And the platforms to reach the wider audience is to ride on the power of the new and old media, However, to be communicators of the Good News, we need to first listen to the Lord and His Gospel.

The Archbishop was addressing some 1,000 people who attended the World Communications Day Mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd on June 2. Present among the congregation were staff, volunteers and collaborators in various communications roles from the different parishes and church organisations.

Archbishop William Goh’s message for Sri Lanka victims

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

With the words of the Risen Lord to His fearful apostles hiding behind closed doors in fear, I greet you all, “Peace be with you!”  

It is with deep sadness that you gather today to mourn the loss of the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka, and those who were injured in the terrorist attack on the most holy day of our Christian celebrations. As Christians we believe that because the Lord is risen, death is not the end of everything but a passage to new life. So, in faith and love, we pray for those whose lives had perished, and for their loved ones who are left behind to pick up the pieces and to carry on with their lives, as well as for the speedy recovery of those who have been injured.

Vatican rolls out 3 initiatives to stop sexual abuse of minors

Three initiatives have been rolled out following the “Protection of Minors in the Church” Meeting, held in the Vatican from Feb 21-24.

The initiatives – centred around the protection of children and to combat abuse – were announced by Father Federico Lombardi, Moderator of the meeting, at a press briefing.
They are:

- The imminent publication of a Motu proprio (an official order issued by the Holy Father) by the Pope, providing rules and regulations to safeguard minors and vulnerable adults within Vatican City State.

Archbishop’s Office relocated

Due to redevelopment and repair works scheduled to take place, the Archbishop’s Office will be temporarily relocated to 199, Ponggol Seventeenth Ave, Singapore 829645. Oct 31, kindly direct your mail and packages to the address indicated. All contact numbers to the Office remain the same.

The Church wants healing, forgiveness and reconciliation

Archbishop William Goh: “Evil cannot be overcome by evil.”  Photos: VITA ImagesJared NgThe Church has gone through ups and downs, yet it still stands.In a world that is becoming more difficult to live in, look to the cross as the symbol of divine mercy for all humanity. When you do so, there will be love [...]

Pastoral Letter on S377A to Catholics

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,There is much debate today, even among Catholics, as to whether Singapore should repeal S377A of the Penal Code. Some feel the law should be retained to avoid normalising same-sex relationships. Others want it repealed in the name of human rights. Empathising with persons with same-sex attraction (SSA), they [...]

Chancery Notice – 17 September 2018

Banns of OrdinationThe following candidate Deacon Gabriel Wong Feixiang will be called to the Order of the Presbyterate on 1 January 2019 at Church of St Bernadette by His Grace, Archbishop William Goh DD.The publication of these banns fulfil the canonical requirement, can. 1051 2°. Catholics are obliged to reveal any impediments or circumstances that would [...]

Seminarians must be good role models, says Archbishop

The new St Francis Xavier Seminary is next to St Joseph’s Church (Bukit Timah).Jared Ng Seminarians were reminded by Archbishop William Goh of the three leadership qualities they must have as they prepare for their formation to the priesthood, namely, humility, compassion and collaboration.He acknowledged the many challenges that the Church faces today to attract [...]