S’pore doctor warns of proposed policy changes by world medical group

Singaporean Dr John Lee, president of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, seen here wearing the chain of office. No doctor should be forced to choose between violating his or her conscience and facing professional sanctions when defending human life, said the president of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations.Singaporean Dr John Lee, [...]

Helping women deal with unplanned pregnancies

How the Pregnancy Crisis Service aided a teenager when she decided to keep her babyIt is not easy to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. This is especially so when you are young, single, and financially unstable. Gail (not her real name) is living with no regrets as she raises her child. Life, as she knows [...]

Learning about ethical issues surrounding Zika fears

              Fr David Garcia said that an alternative to abortion is adoption. A seminar to discuss and clarify the medical and ethical aspects of Zika infection was held on Sept 17.The event was organised by the Catholic Medical Guild of Singapore.Fr David Garcia, its spiritual director, and Dr John Hui, chairman of [...]

Some ethical concerns over Zika infections

Some people have suggested resorting to abortion and contraception in response to the Zika outbreak. Fr David Garcia looks at the issues.Women in the early stages of pregnancy, infected with the Zika virus, seem to have a higher number of microencephalic births. I will not concern myself with the facts of the disease but only [...]

Journey from abortion to forgiveness

A woman shares how she overcame decades of emotional pain after an abortion, and found healing and mercy in the ChurchBACK in 1974, a year after abortion was fully legalised in the United States, Katherine White (not her real name) was enjoying her senior year of college. Her parents were proudly anticipating her graduation; she [...]

Pro-lifers use marathons to fight abortion in US

Runners wear T-shirts with a quote from Jeremiah at the backWASHINGTON – How far would you go to defend life? Life Runners in the US would go about 26.2 miles (42.2 km) a race.Founded in South Dakota by running partners Pat Castle and Rich Reich, Life Runners has been promoting Catholicism and the pro-life movement [...]

A Mother Reflects On Her Daughter’s Abortion

I will never forget the day I learnt about my daughter’s abortions. It was late at night; my husband and I were both fast asleep when the phone started ringing, jolting both of us awake. I got to the phone first and all I could hear when I answered the call was the voice of [...]

Values: Pro-Choice or Pro-life, but Pro-Who?

Today’s article in this continuing series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore looks at the emotionally charged debate over abortion. AUSTRALIAN journalist Melinda Tankard-Reist, who draws upon the experiences of more than 200 women to write about the lasting emotional shock and trauma that follows an abortion, shares this excerpt from [...]