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Questions on the Faith: Why did God ‘harden’ Pharaoh’s heart?

Q: I would like to pose the following question in the Questions on the Faith section of CatholicNews. Why did God harden the following characters in the Bible which contradicted His gift of free will? God hardened Pharaoh’s heart which resulted in many dying from devastating plagues (Exodus 9:12). God [...]

Questions on the Faith: About signing an AMD and ACP

Q: I have two questions on the Catholic faith in connection with AMD (Advance Medical Directive) and ACP (Advance Care Planning):1) Does signing an AMD goes against Catholic teaching?I have signed that document a few years ago because I do not want my life prolonged in the case of terminal [...]

Questions on the Faith: Why St Stephen is first martyr, not Holy Innocents

Q: The Holy Innocents were killed soon after Jesus’ birth. May I know why is St Stephen regarded as the first martyr instead of the Holy Innocents?  – Edwina Prabha D’CruzA: Your observation is astute. Indeed, St Stephen is regarded as the protomartyr (first martyr) and the feast of the [...]