JULY 27, 2014, Vol 64 No 15

Bangkok – The Catholic version of the holy book in Thai, will be presented in a single volume, 16,000 copies of the first edition will be printed in South Korea.

The go-ahead arrived on June 30, when at the headquarters of the Thai Episcopal Conference in Bangkok, Msgr Arpondratana Francis Xavier Vira, head of the Biblical Commission and Sr Phanni Phuruanghong, secretary of the Commission, signed an agreement with representatives of the Thailand Bible Society.

The following are points of clarification provided by the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace with regard to the church renovation story in CN, July 13:

The headline for the article should read “Queen of Peace Church undergoes renovation as she celebrates her 60th anniversary”.

The reason for the renovation is so that the church can look more attractive outside as well as inside to people.

The theme of the church design is to depict the various aspects of Mary’s name as Queen. As one enters the church by the main door, from the entrance there is a clear view of a bright green star directly above the statue of Our Lady at the main sanctuary. It comes across as the Star of the Sea, a title given to her.
Mr George Yeo is a member of the new committee.Mr George Yeo is a member of the new committee.
VATICAN CITY – Seven months after hiring a consulting firm to study the Vatican’s communications structures, the Vatican has set up an 11-member committee – which includes former Singapore Cabinet minister George Yeo – to suggest ways to increase collaboration and cut costs.

Australian Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy and a member of Pope Francis’ Council of Cardinals, announced the formation of the committee at a July 9 news conference.

“The objectives are to adapt the Holy See media to changing media consumption trends, enhance coordination and achieve progressively and sensitively substantial financial savings,” he said.
The Church of the Risen Christ hosted a joint celebration at the Toa Payoh Swatow Restaurant for Archbishop William Goh and several priests who marked important milestones in their lives recently. The June 25 celebration was to celebrate the parish’s assistant priest Fr Louis Loiseau’s 88th birthday (second from left), fellow Paris Foreign Missions (MEP) priest Fr Bruno Saint Girons’ (far left) 12th priestly anniversary, Archbishop Goh’s 57th birthday, MEP priest Fr John Nguyen van Dich’s 26th priestly anniversary (second from right), and parish priest Fr John Sim’s 30th priestly anniversary. MEP priest Fr Joseph Jeannequin, who was unable to attend the June 25 event, celebrated his 88th birthday with Fr Loiseau earlier on June 23.
A family depicts John the Baptist baptising people at the River Jordan at Our Lady Star of the Sea’s Bible Sunday celebration. The ‘river’ was made up of a blue cloth s pegged to a table (right).A family depicts John the Baptist baptising people at the River Jordan at Our Lady Star of the Sea’s Bible Sunday celebration. The ‘river’ was made up of a blue cloth s pegged to a table (right).
About 50 people gathered at the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea canteen on July 12 to witness Bible passages coming to life through drama.

The church’s Bible Sunday celebration saw parishioners taking to the stage, donning colourful costumes and using props.

Coming in first place was Jerome and Family, a family of nine including a two-year-old, who acted out a scene at the River Jordan, where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist.

During the part when the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove, a handmade white paper bird with an attached spotlight was lowered above the head of the actor playing Jesus. “Oohs”and “ahhs” were heard from the audience.

In second place was the team from Faith and Light, a community for the intellectually disabled, who acted out a modern version of the Good Samaritan story.