APRIL 11, 2010, Vol 60, No 07

This Easter, the Church welcomes the newly baptised into the family. Some of them share their conversion stories with CatholicNews (by Darren Boon)

‘I’ve learnt to be more forgiving and understanding’

THE SEED OF Christianity in Louis Ong, 18, was sown through listening to the daily Gospel readings read out during morning assembly at Montfort Secondary School.

Initially, the non-Christian made fun of the readings, but in retrospect this meant “I actually listened to the words”, he said.

His interest in Catholicism grew and after a classmate introduced him to the RCIY programme at the parish of Christ The King, he decided to attend the sessions to discover more about the Catholic faith.
IN LIGHT OF the success of the Global International Atheistic convention held Mar 2-14 in Melbourne, I feel acutely the challenge of being a believer in God.

The voices of atheism are loud and articulate. To profess my belief in Jesus would expose me to ridicule by serious and intelligent atheists, such as Professor Richard Dawkins, one of the most eloquent and articulate openly professed atheist.
THERE HAS BEEN much slanted reporting of what the pope told the Catholic bishops of England and Wales during their Feb 1 visit to Rome. The core message of the papal statement was ignored.

Give faith-leadership to your people. That was the essence of the Holy Father’s message to British bishops on their ‘ad limina’ visit to the Apostolic See. The visit took place around the time their country was discussing the Equality Bill. The bill aimed to implement EU policy on staff recruitment with no consideration of candidates’ sexual orientation had already been turned down by Britain’s Upper House. Its aim to limit the freedom of religious communities to act according to their beliefs had also been criticised by some Anglican leaders.
By Archbishop Nicholas Chia

CREATING AND DEVELOPING SCCs is an important priority in my ministry. In September 2009, I had the opportunity to join bishops, priests, and lay people in the AsIPA Fifth General Assembly in Davao, Philippines. After that meeting, I returned home with an interest to find out more about Singaporean Catholics who live out their faith in the Small Christian Communities (SCCs). I then made arrangements to visit some SCCs to see for myself how they were doing.
From presenting radio programmes to editing newspapers, Father Cyril Lee’s reach has extended from a single congregation to beyond the Church. Darren Boon catches up with the former CatholicNews editor

FATHER CYRIL LEE enjoys keeping abreast with current affairs – from world events to public affairs. With a keen eye and acute sense for the contemporary, he analysed developing situations in Singapore and the world and penned down his observations for his readers.