HighPoint.jpgSINGAPORE - The road to recovery for many ex-drug offenders upon release from the drug rehabilitation centres is often long and ardous. Most of them find it difficult to break free from the bondage of drugs or their old lifestyles after their release from prisons.

Pastor Don Wong, an ex-drug offender himself, was driven by the desire to reach out and help those like him after God touched and transformed his life in 1993. In 1995, he pioneered the setting up of HighPoint Halfway House as a non-profit voluntary organisation, dedicated to help ex-offenders and recovering drug addicts rebuild their lives, reconcile with their families and re-integrate into society.

The halfway house provides not only food and accommodation for its residents, but also counselling, work therapy and career mapping services. Residents undergo a one-year residential programme which uses a five-prong approach of spiritual growth, work therapy, work skills training, counselling and reconciliation with family members.

Upon completion of the programme, they can choose to remain at the halfway house and take on assigned jobs in HighPoint's enterprises or leave to seek employment outside. HighPoint presently runs five business units, namely office/house removal, car polishing, maintenance services, used goods trading and Goshen restaurant.

Through these businesses, it is able to engage its residents in work therapy and also provide employment for them and other ex-offenders.

Top, Residents of the halfway house work at moving furniture for a client. For this and other services that the halfway house provides, call tel: 6440 2444 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For more information visit www.highpoint.org.sg

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