St Anne’s Church has warned of the unlawful use of its Mass- offering envelopes recently.

The parish administrator, Mr Rodney Heng, told CatholicNews that he had received a complaint from a member of the public that a group of boys had approached the complainant to ask for Mass offerings on behalf of the parish.

The Mass-offering envelopes are easily available outside the general office, at a side entrance and inside the church.

Mr Heng said he noticed that recently stocked boxes of envelopes had been depleted rather quickly.

The parish made a police report in the last week of May and highlighted the incident in its June 2-3 parish bulletin to warn parishioners of the matter.

“The Catholic Church doesn’t have such a practice [of soliciting Mass offerings on behalf of the church],” an announcement in the bulletin said.

“Mass-offering envelopes should always be dropped into the Mass offering collection boxes or passed directly to the parish secretary of the respective churches,” it added.

“The name of the church is at stake,” Mr Heng said, explaining why the parish made a police report. It is also to keep the police informed, he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Heng hopes that the alleged culprits would cease their unlawful acts.

By Darren Boon
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