A huge rosary made up of balloons was a highlight of a confirmation camp.A huge rosary made up of balloons was a highlight of a confirmation camp.A three-storey-high “rosary” made up of purple and gold helium-filled balloons greeted teenagers of St Anne’s Church during their confirmation camp recently.

The “balloon rosary” was the brainchild of Mr Luke Wong, one of the organisers of the camp, held from June 1-3.

“As St Anne is the mother of Mary and the rosary has always been a powerful tool for all Catholics, we decided to do a ‘living rosary’ made up of helium balloons,” Mr Wong told CatholicNews.

He added that he believed the “exceptional” activity had never been undertaken before in Singapore.

During the camp, organisers stressed the importance of prayer in the life of the 107 young participants.

The teenagers and volunteers were then asked to write their personal prayers on slips of paper on June 2.

These were inserted into each of the 59 balloons representing the beads of the rosary.

Purple balloons were used for the Hail Mary beads while gold balloons were used for the Our Father beads.

The next morning at about 6 am, organisers pumped helium into the balloons. About two hours later, they were floating in the air while being secured to a church railing.

Confirmands described what they saw as an incredible experience.

“When the rosary balloons with all our heartfelt prayers inside were released into the sky, I felt like I had written a letter to God and was being transported to Him,” said Megan Michelle Tan.

“I felt really amazed and happy because I have never seen anything like that happen before,” shared Ashleigh Kavitha Das. “It was a meaningful experience.”

The balloons floated in the air for about three hours before the helium ran out.

The prayer slips in them were later offered to Our Lady as petitions.

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