Participants undergoing the Leadership Training Course at the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary. Photos: MIRLANI BUDISETIAParticipants undergoing the Leadership Training Course at the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary. Photos: MIRLANI BUDISETIA

Aims to foster leadership in the Catholic Charismatic renewal worldwide

Participants from different countries who attended a weeklong Charismatic Leadership Training Course (LTC) in Singapore say it has helped deepen their love for the Church and their commitment to service.

The course was organised by International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) together with the Singapore Archdiocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal (SACCRE).

It was held at the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary and aimed at fostering leadership in the Catholic Charismatic renewal worldwide.

Speakers James Murphy and Michelle Moran at the ICCRS-SACCRE Ablaze Healing Rally.Speakers James Murphy and Michelle Moran at the ICCRS-SACCRE Ablaze Healing Rally.“The LTC has helped to deepen our love for God and His Church,” said Mrs Jessica Francisco, chairperson of SACCRE, who attended the LTC. “To be servants to the Church especially in the area of evangelisation, not only do we need to be strong in our charisms, we need to be rooted and grounded in what it means to be Catholic.”

Mrs Francisco was one of the 93 Catholic Charismatic leaders from 14 countries, which included Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, who attended the June 10-16 course.

Twenty-two participants were Singaporeans.

“What I learnt from this course is the call to service to the community, where there is a greater need for intercessory prayer,” said Mr Joe D Silva, who is living in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates.

“Before this course I never knew that the Church in China is growing till I met Chinese charismatic leaders. I’m encouraged to pray for them and see the Church there flourish,” he said.

The main part of the LTC programme were teaching sessions on the foundation and vision of the Catholic Charismatic renewal, ecclesiology (study of the Church), baptism in the Holy Spirit, theology of mission and other topics.

The teachers of the course were ICCRS president Michelle Moran, ICCRS director of training James Murphy and former ICCRS president Allan Panozza.

According to Mrs Moran, ICCRS is giving much attention to leadership formation in response to Blessed John Paul II’s call to all Church movements to grow in maturity.

Besides input sessions, participants also experienced fellowship with participants from different cultures.

One China participant said the LTC “helped me grow in my love for the Catholic Church and to serve closely within its structure”.

The course culminated in the ICCRS-SACCRE Ablaze Healing Rally which took place at Church of the Holy Spirit on June 16 and which was open to the public. About 700 people attended.

Mrs Moran and Mr Jim Murphy gave talks on the theme, I’ve Come to Bring Fire to the Earth (Luke 12:49).

“We need to ask the Lord for transformation to open doors for renewal in our lives. To be really alive is to be open to God’s love.” Mrs Moran told the crowd.

“The coming of the Holy Spirit never ceases to be out poured in the world. I believe the Lord is calling us to be trailblazers that seek life in the worldly culture of death,” she said.

Mr Murphy shared his experience of hiking for five days in the cold and rain, and meeting an old man who shared with his group of hikers some coal to start a fire. They in turn shared the fire with other rain-drenched campers.

“What we need is the fire that heals. God wants to restore the fire in your lives”, said Mr Murphy.

Ms Cecilia Phua, who attended the event, said, “I find the rally uplifting because of the speakers. I like what Jim said about passing on God’s love and also about building the community.”

The rally ended with an individual healing session by SACCRE members.

By Martin See and Gerard Francisco
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