I had the opportunity to sit in the first pew of St Joseph’s Church in Victoria Street on Easter Sunday as a godparent for the St Alphonsus Church (Novena) RCIA baptismal mass.

From my position, I had an unblocked view of all the proceedings that took place during the beautiful Mass presided over by the Redemptorist priests.

It was to be a spiritually overwhelming afternoon for me. Some of the newly baptised were in joyful tears after being prayed over (in groups of three) as they walked towards the baptismal fount to be submerged by the priests.

There were some elderly ones who were physically struggling to climb into the fount with great anxiety and earnestness. Others emerged from the water with a great sense of happiness and peace despite their wet condition.

There was a general display of joy, obedience and acceptance of our faith by these new Catholics.

It was a humbling and timely reminder for all cradle/Sunday Catholics, like myself, that we have taken our faith in God for granted for too long. Each time we are in His house or when we are in front of the Holy Eucharist, many of us do not feel the spiritual presence or connection with Him.

That afternoon, thanks to the 120 new Catholics and tireless sponsors and administrators, I felt the huge presence of the Holy Spirit. At times, I found my eyes welling up like the newly baptised.

I pray that many more cradle/Sunday Catholics will have opportunities to witness how new Catholics embrace our faith and, in that we will be inspired to recalibrate our personal faith in God.

It is a blessing that we were introduced to Him much earlier as newborns and not having to discover Him ourselves after we grew up.

Let us not take this privilege for granted. Pray earnestly for the presence of the Holy Spirit next time you step into church before Mass so that you will be spiritually connected with Him. Experience the difference and feel His presence.

Bernard Lim

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