While Flight of an Angel does not aim at being preachy about values, it is about as “Catholic” as a movie can get.

Set in the Philippines, Catholic images and icons are present throughout the entire film.

The movie tells the story of Gabby, an ordinary salaried worker, who one day in an act of kindness sends an old, sickly beggar to a hospice run by nuns.

What happens next is that Gabby starts to develop wings. His attempts at removing them prove futile and his efforts at concealing them go awry.

He then flees to the countryside to live with his relatives. However, word gets around that his wings have healing properties after a sickly cousin becomes well, and villagers start flocking to him for help.

His uncle wants to profit from his situation and when the media finally come knocking, he is forced to flee and, literally, takes flight.

The movie raises interesting questions about what one does with one’s God-given gifts and abilities, even if these become a burden.

Gabby represents one response. He does good deeds but does not crave recognition. In fact, he rejects his gift in favour of being an ordinary person.

I feel the movie makes viewers reflect on how often we run from or hide our God-given gifts and talents that can be used to serve the community, Church and the wider society.

How many times do we feel burdened by what God is asking of us that we choose to retreat from doing greater things?

The movie is also a reminder to Catholics, especially during this Lenten season, that though human, we can strive towards achieving our potential as children of God and followers of Christ.

Overall, Flight of an Angel is a feel-good movie with its entertaining moments. Even the villains in the movie are not completely evil people, but those with weaknesses such as greed and ambition, that most can identify with.

More importantly, the movie is all about exploring what one does with one’s God-given gift, and invites reflection from the viewer.

By Darren Boon
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