If only you could see the tears
In the world you left behind
If only you could heal our hearts
Just one more time

Even when we close our eyes
There’s an image of your face
And once again we come to realize
You’re a loss we can’t replace.

We’re assured of your love
Even though we’re apart
‘Cause so much we’ve shared
Is written in our hearts

In our hearts you will always live
Your love, your voice and your smile
Are forever imprinted in our minds.

In the emptiness
and silence of our mourning
comes the comfort
From on high
With peace in our hearts
and the joy that you
are always nearby.

His weary hours
and days of pain
His sleepless nights are past
His ever patient frame
Has found sweet rest at last
We who love him know
How much we have lost

God gave us the strength to bear it
And courage to fight the blow
What it has meant to lose you
God alone will ever know

God looked around His garden
And found an empty place
He then looked down upon this Earth
And saw your tired face.
He put his arms around you
And lifted you to rest
God’s garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best

Time takes away the edge of grief
But memory turns back every leaf
Gone from our lives one so dear
But in our hearts forever near

We remember and cherish
the happy times together
Remembering them today and forever

It was His will that she die
His will that we should let her go
And we must ever bow to it
But oh dear God
We miss her so

No pen can write
No tongue can tell
My sad and bitter loss
But almighty God above
Has helped so well
To bear my heavy cross

Gone from our lives
One so dear
But in our hearts
Forever near

The night does not last forever
It fades with the dawning of the morn
The rose does not last forever
It withers with the fading of the spring
But your memory will linger forever
In the hearts of all who love you
Because love does last forever

The world changes year to year
And friend from day to day
But never will the one we love
From memory pass away

Gone is the face we loved so dear
Silent is the voice we loved to hear
Too far away for sight or speech
But not far away for thought to reach

Sweet to remember her
once have
Who, though absent,
is just as dear.

We miss you in so many ways
We miss things you used to say
And when old times we do recall
It’s then we miss you most of all

Our Lord Jesus knew
what was best
He took you home for eternal rest
We wiped our tears
and tried not to be sad
And remember
the precious times we had

Dearest parents,
You are in God’s Kingdom
The glory of His universe
Eternally the peace and joy
Flow like a watering-can.

Your presence is ever near us
Your love remains with us yet
You were the kind father
Your loved ones will never forget.

He longed to be with Him
Now God has him in His keeping
We have him in our hearts
We will always cherish you with love

A touch to the wound that never heals
As the years pass on the more we feel

We think of you in silence
No eyes can see us weep
But still within our aching hearts
Your memory we keep

You left a beautiful memory
And a sorrow too great to be told
To those who loved and lost you

Your memory will never grow old.
It was destiny that made us part
The sorrow that broke every heart
But as time will heal all pain
We know we’ll one day meet again

A light from home has gone
The voice we loved to hear is stilled
Gone is your face we so dearly loved
Leaving a vacuum in our home
Never shall your memory fade
Sweet thoughts of you will always remain

She made our life one long sweet song
Until death made us part
But in the time that she’s been gone
We’ve learned grief’s song by heart

Treasured memories hold you near
Silent thought bring many a tear
Tears in my eyes I can wipe away
But the love in heart will always stay
I make no outward show
To what it meant to lose you
Only I will ever know

Softly within the shadows
God gave a gentle call
With farewells left unspoken
Mum, you silently left us all
Our hearts still ache with sadness and
Silent tears still flow
For what it means
to love and miss you, Mum
No one will ever know

Time changes many things
but not the
Memory this day brings
Till now you are still in our minds
and hearts

Thank you, Lord,
for lending us this child a while
A beautiful child we so dearly loved
Your angel called her
to return to you
Glory be, Lord,
now she is with you

You had a heart of gold
One of the best to behold
You were generous, loving and kind
These are the memories
you left behind

Love still bridges
the chasm of the worlds
We live apart
Memories still draw us together
on the different
Journeys we embark
Forever and ever you will always
Live in our hearts

Thoughts of you bring tears
For one we love so dear
But the will of God it must be
In silent sorrow you will remain
In our hearts eternally

You left with painful thought to bear
We miss your love and tender care
We still love you all the same
Though no word can describe our pain
This is the cross we have to bear
May you always remain in our Lord’s and Mary’s loving care

If in one fleeting moment
I could see you smile
I’d give up everything I have
So I could hold your hand
For a while
We all love you so much
We miss you so badly
And we won’t ever forget
The happy times that we shared

Walled in our hearts
There’s a garden
Where memories bloom every day
In the rainbow, colours of happiness
Before the Lord took away.

The angels came to take you home
And you left us all alone
We know you keep watching
us from above
As we still pray for the one we love.

Thank you for the years we shared
Thank you for the way you cared
We loved you then
and we love you still
Forget you, we never will.

Your heart of gold stopped beating
Two smiling eyes at rest
God broke our hearts to prove
He only takes the Best
The tears in our eyes will wipe away
But the love in our hearts
Will forever stay.



There’s a sad but sweet remembrance
There’s a memory fond and true
And a token of love and affection
And a heartache still for you
But a certainty of your happiness
In God’s glory and Holy Presence
Fills our hearts with joy and hope
And a longing to meet in Heaven.

Remembering you is easy
We do it every day
Missing you is the hardest part
As it never goes away
To hear your voice.
To see your smile
To sit with you and talk for awhile
Would be our greatest wish
Today, tomorrow,
our whole life through
We shall always love
and remember you.

We speak your name
with love and pride
We smile with tears we cannot hide
We thank you for the years we shared
The love you gave, the way you cared.

Quickly and quietly came the call,
Your sudden departure shocked us all.
We who have lost can tell,
the loss of our loved one.
With a farewell, we still do grieve,
though days have gone by,
that you parted from us without a goodbye.

“If I could have one wish today
It would not be for gold
But just to have you back again
As in the days of old”.

To us his name will ever be
The key that unlocks memory
Of a dear one gone but cherished yet
A beloved face we’ll never forget.

There is a place in our hearts
which is yours alone
A place in our lives
No one else can ever own
We hold back tears when
we speak your name
But the ache in our hearts
Remain the same.

at your passion love did conquer fear,
Now share that triumph
with his soul so dear
Banish his sorrow,
let your light shine
O grant him pardon,
Jesus Saviour blest
And give his spirit light
and endless rest.

I have lost my soul’s companion,
A life linked with my, own;
And day by day I miss her more,
As I walk through life alone.

His helping hand was always first
To tender any aid he could
His voice was always raised in praise,
His words were wise and good.
Dear father, since you went away,
The ones you loved so true,
Try hard to carry on the way
We know you’d want us to.

We often think of bygone days
When we were together,
The family chain is broken
But memories live for ever.

Broken is the family circle,
Our dear one has passed away,
Passed from the earth
and earthly darkness
Into bright and perfect day
But we all must cease to languish
Over the grave of him we love,
Strive to be prepared to meet him,
In the better world above.

But still the empty chair
Reminds us of the face, the smile,
Of one who once sat there.

The depths of sorrow we cannot tell,
Of the loss of one, we love so well,
And while she (he) sleeps
a peaceful sleep.
Her (His) memory
we shall always keep.

In our home
she is fondly remembered,
Sweet memories cling to her name;
Those who loved her in life sincerely,
Still love her in death just the same.

Take her in your arms, dear Lord,
And ever let her be
A messenger of love
Between our hearts and thee.

Peaceful be your rest, dear mother,
It is sweet to breathe your name;
As in life we Loved you dearly,
So in death we do the same.

Today, recalls sad memories,
Of a dear mother gone to rest,
And the one who thinks of her today
is the one who loves her best.

What is home without a mother?
All things this world may send,
But when I lost my darling mother,
I lost my dearest friend.

The blessed memories we have
Of her we’ll always cherish,
And count them tenderly each day
Lest for lack of love we perish.

In our hearts your memory lingers,
Sweetly tender, fond and true,
There is not a day, dear mother,
That we do not think of you.

God knows how much we miss her,
Never shall her memory fade;
Our loving thoughts ever wander,
To the spot where she is laid.

Memory of you, dear,
still casts a gentle glow
It braces our days and lights
our paths wherever we may go.

Missed is the touch
of your friendly hand,
Gone is your kindness
beyond recall;
Gone to a world
where peace and love
Are given and gained by all.

Just a thought of sweet remembrance,
Just a memory sad and true,
Just the love and sweet devotion,
Of one who thinks of you.

Only the memory of bygone days
And a sigh for a face unseen;
A constant feeling that God alone knows best
what should have been.

My heart is sore
As time goes by I miss you more.
Your loving smile, your gentle face,
No one can fill your vacant place.

We cannot forget you
Our loved one so dear,
Your memory grows
Sweeter year after year.

What would I give to clasp his hand,
His happy face to see.
To hear his voice and see his smile,
That meant so much to me.

The years may wipe out many things,
But this they’ll wipe out never,
The memory of those happy days
Which we had spent together.

Our thoughts are always with you,
Our hearts are sore with pain
This world will be like heaven
If you were here again.

I have lost my soul’s companion,
A life linked with my, own;
And day by day I miss her more,
As I walk through life alone.

Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,
The world’s weary
troubles and trials are past
In silence she suffered,
in patience she bore,
Till God called her home
to suffer no more.

I cannot hold her little hand,
Or hear her little voice,
Still her memory lingers on.

Time may heal the broken heart,
Time may make the wound less sore,
But time can never stop the longing
For the loved one gone before.

Dear Baby, although
we will no more see
Your happy face and gentle smile;
We’re happy that the Good God
gave us you, if only for a while.

His life was earnest,
his actions kind
A generous hand
and an active mind,
Anxious to please,
loath to offend,
A loving brother
and faithful friend.

Only the memory left,
Of the happiness we knew,
But the love
that kindled memory’s torch
Will feed my whole life through.

His smiling way and pleasant face
Are a pleasure to recall;
He had a kind word for each
And died beloved by all.
Some day we hope to meet him,
Some day, we know not when
To clasp his hand in the better land,
Never to part again.

Rest in peace,
dear loving father,
Ten long years
have passed away;
You’re gone,
but are still living
In the hearts of those who stay.

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