Archbishop Nicholas Chia and Father Jose Lopez, with the first batch of confirmants. SINGAPORE - Nine young members from different Spanish-speaking communities joined 24 other Singapore younglings to fulfill the Sacrament of Confirmation at Church of the Blessed Sacrament on Sunday Dec 4.

"The ceremony and experience were great," Mariana Cid, from Mexico, said. Jennifer Gamez, from Venezuela, added, "The archbishop gave a very nice sermon."

Many of those present commented that the ceremony was a testament to Singapore's hospitality and melting pot reputation. "The atmosphere was so harmonious you could feel the joy in the air," Vanessa Dardon, from El Salvador, said.

Catechist Marily Gutierrez commented, "We are proud of being able to join the other kids in this ceremony and really give all our thanks to Father Joe Lopez Garcia for his efforts because we are finally able to have confirmation of all those who wanted it".

All in all, it was a very spiritual day and these special moments that the visitors shared with the people from Singapore is something that will not be forgotten.

The Spanish-speaking community in Singapore started about five years ago. There are about 300 practising Spanish-speaking Catholics in Singapore at any one time. Among them are ambassadors, businessmen, Singapore Airlines pilots and their families.

This year, they congregate for Mass in Spanish on every fourth Sunday of the month at 11am at the Church of St. Teresa.

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