Above: A scene from the movie. Below: Archbishop Nicholas Chia said the movie Courageous also promotes values of justice and truth.

The movie Courageous raises good points about fatherhood and defines the responsibility of the father in the family, said Archbishop Nicholas Chia.

The film also promotes the values of justice and truth, especially when one of the characters refuses to resort to dishonesty to keep his job, he added.

Archbishop Chia was speaking to CatholicNews after attending the film’s premiere at The Grand Cathay on Jan 2.

He was one of some 1,200 guests comprising Catholics and members of other Churches, leaders of various faiths, Members of Parliament and local celebrities.

The charity premiere was organised by Focus on the Family Singapore as part of the local charity’s 10th anniversary commemoration and to raise funds for its programmes.

The movie is part of the charity’s aim of “honouring and strengthening the institution of the family”, its press release said.

Viewers at the premiere praised the movie.

Canossian Sr Theresa Seow described the film as “a powerful movie” with “good... witnessing and testimony to faith”.

The movie shows how families can relate to their faith and how they can make their faith come alive in their homes and in the community, she said.

The movie is also suitable for people of other faiths because it highlights how necessary it is for one’s faith to be integrated into one’s life, Sr Theresa added.

Mr Jeremy Nonis, 39, a father of two, said the movie has encouraged him to be a better parent.

He said he now wants to spend more time with his children, purchase a bicycle to ride with his daughter who loves cycling, and participate in an event called Date with Dad in February.

The activity aims to encourage fathers to bring their daughters out at least once a month to connect with them and affirm their worth.

Fathers need to watch Courageous, said Ms Sheryl Khong, executive director of Family Life Society. The film is “relevant and engaging” for fathers in today’s world who struggle with “issues of a secular nature”, she added.

By Darren Boon
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