SINGAPORE - Archbishop Nicholas Chia celebrated the Catholic Prayer Society (CPS) 10th anniversary Mass on Dec 8, at the DBS Auditorium, with a congregation of about 300.

During his homily, he commended regular attendees of the CPS lunchtime Masses for sacrificing their lunch hours to attend extra Masses. It shows that people are putting in extra effort to come closer to God, Archbishop Chia said.

Tying his homily to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Archbishop Chia reminded Catholics to keep sin at bay by fulfilling God's will, as in Mary's example, and to "do whatever he tells you".

CPS has come a long way from originally celebrating Mass in the storeroom of an insurance company, to having five centres in the CBD, catering to about 1,000 Catholics who come for Mass weekly.

As new business areas are developed in Singapore, CPS wants to bring Christ through the celebration of the Eucharist to new office areas in the Marina area and other areas where the Holy Spirit directs, said May Tan, the president of CPS.

"We want to build up a community, among the people who come and worship at the centres," she continued. "We also recognise that people from all walks of life come together to worship and this provides access to a pool of talent whom we can draw on both spiritually and professionally."

"Coming for Mass is more than just coming for the Eucharist, it's about the community," she added, echoing the words in the Archbishop's homily.

In September 2005, the Director of SPI (Singapore Pastoral Institute), Wendy Louis, and her team conducted a day of training for CPS members in small community formation. CPS hopes to begin the formation of its small Christian communities next year.

The celebration of Mass will resume on the first week of January at all centres in 2006.

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