Rev Dr Simon Chan (left, in grey longsleeve shirt) and students from Trinity Theological College attending a Mass at the Church of the Risen Christ on July 31.

Trinity Theological College students engage in discussion with priests and church ministry leaders

Forty-four adult students from a Christian theological institute visited the Church of the Risen Christ recently to learn more about the church’s liturgy, faith formation and ministries.

The visitors were from the Trinity Theological College, located at Upper Bukit Timah Road. The college trains pastors, missionaries, church workers, and theological educators for Christian Churches in Asia.

The visitors were divided into two groups during the July 31 visit – the Mandarin-speaking group, which consisted of 14 students, and the English-speaking group, which had 30 students.

The Mandarin group attended the 8.15 am Mandarin Mass after which they were treated to breakfast.

Parish priest Fr John Sim and members of the Mandarin Lay Apostolate Committee answered their questions on how one becomes a priest, the length of priestly formation, liturgical procedures and the parish’s various ministries.

The visitors were then taken on a tour of the church and also spent several minutes praying in the Adoration Room.

The English-speaking group, led by Rev Dr Simon Chan, a lecturer at the college, attended the 9.45 am English Mass.

They too had a discussion session with Fr Sim, assistant priest Fr Kamelus Kamus and leaders of parish ministries.

Mr John Bosco, vice chairman of the parish executive committee, explained the roles and activities of the various parish ministries.

The visitors also asked about the demographic profile of parishioners, how the growth in the number of parishioners is monitored, the Charismatic prayer ministry and the church’s evangelisation programmes.

Rev Dr Chan then thanked the priests and ministry leaders for the interactive session, which lasted for about one and a half hours.

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