The Focolare’s men and women centres for the zone of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei will relocate from Singapore to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. However, the Focolare community and activities in Singapore will still continue.

There is no single underlying reason for the decision to move to Yogyakarta, Zone Director Nicolas Iturralde told CatholicNews.

However, one factor is that many Indonesian students from the archipelago go to Yogyakarta for studies, and relocating the centres there would allow for outreach work, Mr Iturralde said.

The city is also located in the middle of Java and is easily accessible to other places.

Furthermore, there is growing interest in the Focolare movement in Yogyakarta after the Focolare community gave assistance after the 2006 earthquake, Mr Iturralde added.

The Focolare centres in Yogyakarta will open on July 2.

Meanwhile Mr Iturralde is confident that the Singapore branch, with about 100 members, would be able to “go ahead by themselves” as they have been “doing many things” and “will continue to do the same”.

Mr Iturralde said he will also return to Singapore regularly.

Both the men and women’s centres have been in Singapore for more than 20 years.

- By Darren Boon
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