Some participants of the recent Legion of Mary camp, conducted in English and Mandarin, pose for a photo.

The Legion of Mary’s Mandarin-speaking youth section recently organised a camp to introduce teenagers to the movement and to attract members to its governing body, or Curia.

Thirty participants aged nine to 17 from across the diocese participated in the June 3-5 camp held on the grounds of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The camp was conducted in English and Mandarin.

Language is not a barrier to joining the youth Curia as activities are bilingual except during joint formal events with the Mandarin-speaking adults which will then be in Mandarin, said the Curia’s vice president, Ms Joycelyn Wang.

The organisation wanted to make the Legion of Mary known to participants and allow them to have some fun and interaction with the Legionaries, Ms Wang added.

Camp activities included an introduction to the Legion of Mary, team games, spiritual input, prayers and sharings.

One highlight was a night event when participants were blindfolded and walked around the campsite relying on the Bible to navigate an obstacle course. It was supposed to mirror the obstacles the campers face in life and the different messages they get from the world and from God.

The organisers wanted to show participants what life would be like with God and without God, said Ms Wang. So far, seven of the participants have signed up to join the Curia while others are still considering.

Andrea Wang, 15, from the Church of St Michael, signed up to be a Legionary after the camp.

Wang, who was not previously involved in a Church group, said she heard from others that the Legion of Mary is a good ministry to be in, and after knowing more, she felt her decision is “a right choice”.

She hopes that through this ministry, she would be able to help others in the community who are in need.

She added that the camp helped her to “know more about God” and the spiritual input helped her to know what her “gifts really are”.

Organisers said they will keep participants informed of upcoming Curia activities.

By Darren Boon
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