MANILA – It is OK for the Philippines to have no law allowing divorce, a retired archbishop says.

Archbishop Oscar Cruz, head of the Philippine bishops’ conference’s national apellate marriage tribunal, said it wouldn’t worry him if the country was the only one in the world to ban divorce.

He was speaking on May 30 after Malta voted in favour of allowing divorce in a non-binding referendum.

The 306,000 mainly Catholic voters were asked whether the Maltese government should introduce divorce to couples who have been separated for four years.

“The anti-divorce stance in the Philippines only confirms that Filipinos know what’s right and wrong,” Archbishop Cruz said.

He downplayed the result in Malta, saying “the numbers do not necessarily denote what is right”.

“Not all that the majority says is right,” he added.

If the Maltese parliament approves a divorce law, the Philippines will become the only country, aside from the Vatican, where marriage dissolution is illegal. - UCANEWS.COM

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