For all too long, the topic of sex and sexuality has been narrowly defined and often cloaked in secrecy. Sexuality involves much more than male or female genitals and much more than what happens between two individuals in the privacy of their bedroom.

Sexuality is a total human experience. It is a gift of your creation. It is to be enjoyed, to be valued and prized. But, like all gifts, your sexuality is to be handled responsibly and maturely. Learning to value, enjoy, and responsibly handle your own sexuality is one of the very special and often most difficult tasks of the teen years.

Valuing Sexuality: A Guide For Catholic Teens, by Dr. Richard D. Parsons. Now available at CatholicNews Bookshop

About the Auhor:

Dr. Richard D. Parsons is a licensed psychologist and a certified school psychologist, maintaining a private clinical practice. He has given many workshops for parents, educators, spiritual directors, and human service professionals. Dr Parsons has authored many professional articles and books.

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