Members of the Japanese Catholic community handing out paper cranes after the March 24 Mass. The origami cranes symbolise healing and hope.

“Because we are so far from our country, what we can do is very little,” says Mrs Mikiko Takahashi.

“Just pray and donate money,” says the member of the Japanese Catholic community in Singapore.

Speaking to CatholicNews after their recent weekly Tuesday meeting at the Church of St Ignatius, members voiced their pride at the resilience and calm their countrymen have displayed in the face of catastrophe.

They said they are confident their country would be able to weather the severe crisis and rebuild itself.

Mrs Akiko Holmes says she is praying for the health of survivors, aid workers and those working to solve the problems in the nuclear plants, as well as a speedy restoration of affected towns.

Mrs Takahashi also urged the local Catholic community to keep praying for her country.

Japanese Catholics here have been gathering to pray in their families and as a community even as they tried to contact relatives back home after news of the disaster broke.

Some of them have also donated money to the Red Cross while others have helped out at the Church of St Mary of the Angels’ fundraising drive for Japan.

By Darren Boon
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