THE SEMINARY HAD an open house on Nov 16. More than 400 people from Singapore parishes came.

They were introduced to the life of the seminarians via a slideshow, followed by a tour around the premises – the residential area, the chapel, recreational facilities, study rooms and the lush grounds.

Participants then spent a short time in the chapel to pray for an increase in vocation.

Fruits galore!
SEEMS THIS YEAR there is a bumper crop of many of the fruit trees in the seminary.  The durian trees fruited. And the buah duku. Some are ripe for the picking and some are just beginning to ripen. Just look at the picture.

The mangosteens and the duku langsat too. It is a tropical fruit festival. Brings to mind a reading from the Gospel. Rotten trees beget rotten fruits and good trees give good fruits. And even though they come late, they are still good and are enjoyed.

We are all good trees and bearing good fruits... though some will ripen later. How do I know? We are all from the tree of the Lord. Have faith that the Lord will use us in the way pleasing to him.

– Excerpts from Cornelius Vianney Ching

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