Altar servers taking part in The Expert Altar Boy Quiz during their Jan 16 recollection.

“When is the next one?” asked an altar server who attended the recent Serangoon District Altar Servers Recollection.

Aaron Gabriel, from St Anne’s Church, was one of 149 altar servers from the district who attended the event held at the Church of St Vincent de Paul.

Judging from his enthusiasm, the young boys are eager for more such activities.

The Jan 16 recollection was a follow up of last August’s Mass for the district’s altar servers. It was held at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Archbishop Nicholas Chia, who celebrated the Mass, had said he would like vocation awareness to be instilled at an early age.

Frs Michael Sitaram and Paul Yeo provided spiritual input during the recent recollection while Archbishop Chia celebrated Mass at the end. A quiz was also held.

Parents, too, felt the event was a spiritually inspiring one for their sons. Mr Christopher Wong said his two boys were happy to receive a certificate of merit from the archbishop.

It was a challenge “getting the boys together from five parishes and it is good to have more of such events,” commented Mr Andrew Lee, an adult coordinator from Nativity Church.

The other parishes represented at the event were St Francis Xavier and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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