Canossian Sr Enrica giving Holy Communion to a pupil during the Jan 10 Mass.

Students and staff of St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School celebrated their first Mass at the school’s holding site at Bedok North Road, having moved from Bedok North Avenue 4 late last year.

The temporary move was part of the Education Ministry’s plans to improve and upgrade the facilities of the old building.

The Jan 10 Mass, celebrated by Father Johnson Fernandez, marked the beginning of the new school year as well as a new chapter in the school’s history. Joining the school community in prayer were the Canossian Sisters and Ms Grace Tan, principal of Canossa Convent Primary school.

The celebration concluded with a teachers’ dedication prayer and a students’ commitment prayer, in which both educators and pupils asked for God’s blessings and strength to stay committed to their endeavours through the new academic year.

“As I looked around the hall at the eager faces of the little girls, I wondered what is going on in their minds and hearts at such school Masses,” commented Sr Cecily Pavri, supervisor of the Canossian schools.

“Some appear to be mildly present, others fidget restlessly but at those moments in the liturgy when they were invited to be still and pray, it amazed me at how angelically deep into prayer they were.”

She added, “I firmly believe that a Catholic school is privileged to structure such strong moments of connecting with the divine into the school programme. It is imperative that we nurture the inner anchors of our children so that all other curricula can rest strong on this God foundation.”

The school community expects to return to its refurbished building in 2013.

By Paula Png

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