SINGAPORE – The Karismatik Katolik Indonesia Holy Spirit (KKIHS), the Indonesian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group, celebrated its eighth anniversary on Sunday Feb 3 at Church of the Holy Spirit with a Mass in English, cultural dances and fellowship.Most of the 300 participants present are active members of the KKIHS. The rest included Indonesian Catholic visitors the KKIHS also ministers to.

KKIHS was formed in November 1999. Father John Nguyen van Dich, MEP is its current Spiritual Director.

KKIHS ministers to Indonesian Catholics in Singapore through regular prayer meetings, seminars, retreats, Masses in Indonesian, visits to sick people and orphanage, and social events. These activities enable KKIHS to "reach out to our Indonesian Catholic brothers and sisters and to grow spiritually with the spirit of evangelization".

Archbishop Nicholas Chia describes the work of the KKIHS as a "very remarkable list of things achieved".

He says there is a need to reach out to the many migrant communities – Indonesian Catholics are one of the largest – and adds that the archdiocese is very grateful to the KKIHS for its services.

At the celebrations, a formation and blessing of the KKIHS Team for 2008-9 was held.

Money collected from the Mass was donated to Church of the Divine Mercy. -By Joyce Gan

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