SINGAPORE – The Youth Ministry Office recently organised the Mystery Trip Workshop to train some 250 facilitators and animators, who will run a similar programme in their own parishes for confirmands on Archdiocesan Youth Day on Nov 27.

The event was conducted by Brian Butler, co-author of “Theology of the Body for Teens”.

The highlight of the workshop, held on Sep 12, was the film called “Mystery Trip”. This feature length reality film follows a group of teens who take the challenge of trust: To say yes a trip without having a clue as to what the destination is. They certainly had to deal with their fears, both large and small, and were challenged to learn to trust God with the calling He has for each of them.

Mr Butler guided the participants through a commitment prayer service, where each one renewed his or her personal trust in Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. The workshop concluded with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, whose celebrant was the coordinating Youth chaplain, Father Brian D’Souza.

As the theme for Youth Day 2010 is “Purity in the Holy Spirit”, Mr Butler linked the film with the theme: “Original Sin gave rise to the impurity that first happened when Adam and Eve’s trust in God died in their hearts. So what is God calling us to today? To trust him with our entire lives, to give him everything that we have and to allow him to make our hearts pure once again.”

The animators and facilitators were challenged with the question: Can you trust God, even if you don’t know where He will lead you?

By Edwyn DeSouza

Photo : Brian Butler conducting the Mystery Trip Workshop. Photos courtesy of CAYC

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