SINGAPORE – A roadshow to showcase life in the seminary was held at Church of the Holy Trinity in Tampines over the May 3-4 weekend. It was one of several events running up to the Dec 1 celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary which has been themed "In them, I am Glorified" (John 17:10).

The roadshow provided an opportunity for the parishioners to meet the seminarians, who will, in time, become our priests.

Different events to cater to parishioners of different age-groups were held.

In the foyer, an exhibition was staged to give parishioners a better understanding of the seminary and how it contributes to the larger Catholic community. Banners explained the history of the seminary, its role and importance to the church, the difference between the diocesan and religious priesthood, and how to join the seminary.

The Serra Club of Singapore also set up a booth to encourage people to sign up as "Friends of Serra Club" to pray a minimum of one hour a month for our priests and seminarians before the Blessed Sacrament.

The seminarians went all out to get to know the parishioners, especially young people, better. Some went to the Primary Six Catechism classes to share with them about vocations, life in the seminary and on the importance of a personal prayer life, even using cartoon characters such as Spiderman to relate better to these young people.

Fathers William Goh and Kenson Koh from the seminary gave the homilies at every Mass, including the Mandarin Mass, over the weekend.

In their homilies, they stressed the importance of priests to the church – the church has a duty to make Jesus known, but to make Jesus known, we need priests. Everyone has a role to play to increase the awareness of this, they stressed.

Seminarian Brother Lionel urged that those seeking the priesthood be encouraged, and advised them to come for recollections with the seminarians, to pray and discern. For more information visit the seminarian’s blog at or the St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary website at n

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