SINGAPORE – Parish missionary group activities carried out in many parts of Singapore without much fanfare are gradually coming together into a pretty strong groundswell, says the Archdiocesan Commission for Missionary Activities (ACMA).

Most of these activities are informal and ad hoc but a few parishes have formal Parish Mission Groups, says ACMA. For example, Blessed Sacrament Church has Gospel Messengers, and Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has Epiphany.

ACMA is gathering information about these activities and will be sending a letter to all parishes to seek their cooperation.

ACMA has noticed that there is growing missionary zeal among the Singapore laity, the letter says.

"Many have organized themselves into formal or informal groups to undertake missionary activities within and outside of Singapore. This growing missionary zeal should be acknowledged and encouraged," ACMA says.

"ACMA believes that we can help the various individuals and groups better fulfil our missionary calling through the networking of experiences and knowledge.

"As such, ACMA will be embarking on a project to find out what missionary groups (both formal and informal) exist in the Archdiocese of Singapore, what they have been doing and where.

"This is where we need your help, advice and support."

ACMA explains that such information will subsequently be collated and posted on a website which missionaries can access to share personal experiences, knowledge, and ideas, and to inspire and encourage others, as a service to Catholics in Singapore."

ACMA hopes this project will help to grow current mission interest into a great wave that will break over the land and flood it with the Gospel message of God’s Love.

"We are living in mission land. The opportunities are out there. Are we making the effort to respond to the call to work in the Lord’s vineyard?" ACMA asks.

For the project to work, ACMA needs the support of priests, ministry groups and all Catholics interested in mission and, to this end, ACMA urges them to respond to ACMA’s representative when contacted.

"From your response we hope to feature many mission stories both on the Internet and in CatholicNews so that others will be encouraged and inspired to take up the challenge to bring the love of Christ to others. Do your bit to help the spirit of mission grow," ACMA urges. n

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