1935: Mohamedan boys, if not actually Malays, have been known to attend a Christian Brothers' School, St. Xavier's at Penang, and St. Joseph's here have had them, as the writer is aware of from his connection with both. St. Joseph's has, moreover, had quite a number of boys of Jewish faith, some of whom are now wellknown wealthy citizens. The necessity of giving preference to boys of the Catholic faith has precluded a number of Jewish and even Hindu boys from attending St. Joseph's, we believe. It is more a case of first seeking admission to this school than of endeavouring to gain it after failure to do so in other schools. May we remark that there is still a wide scope for Catholic schools in this part of the world, in view of the growing number of non-Catholics who seek admission to them?
- Malaya Catholic Leader, February 16th, 1935 (1935.pdf pp66)

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