Maris Stella students washing the feet of their schoolmates on Holy Thursday.

(Above) Youths from Blessed Sacrament Church putting up the Passion Play in the main church. Pictured here is Jesus meeting His mother, Mary. Photo by Ian Carnegie

Youths from the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul Youth Arise! Ministry enacting the Passion Play with the participation of adult parishioners. (Below) The last supper. (Right) Christ carrying the cross.
Photos by Gerald Tham

Maris Stella High School marked Holy Thursday with Principal Mr Joseph Lim and Vice Principal Mr Stephen Tay – students washed the feet of their teachers and fellow schoolmates; a meal was shared among 400 teachers and students, who took turns to serve one another as a sign of servant leadership.

On Good Friday, youths from the Churches of Sts. Peter and Paul and Blessed Sacrament, enacted the Passion Play in their parishes.

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