When we sin we are not striking at a cold, unfeeling law;
but are striking, with a cruel hand, direct at the living, loving Heart of God.
- Beecher.

How sweet was the first embrace of Jesus! It was indeed an embrace of love. I felt that I was loved, and said: "I love You and I give myself to You for ever."
- St. Therese of Lisieux after her First Communion.

After the sweet name of Jesus, and all the other names and titles to which Our Blessed Saviour as God and God Incarnate has a right, the next sweetest, dearest and most holy name in heaven above, on earth below, is Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.
- Vet Rev. Dean Kinane.

He who seeks God will find Him, and at all times. The most appropriate place for meditation, however, is the church, in the presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.
- St. Alphonsus Liguorui

If thou art wise expect to die every day; thus thou shalt keep thyself always ready and happy to depart on the great journey to thy eternal home.
- Blessed Henry Suso

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