Madras (India). Resolutions which regard the defence of the Catholic family and t he manner of conducting Catholic education were passed at the Third All-India Catholic Congress held at Poona December 28 to 30. The text of the resolutions is, in part, as follows:

"This Congress condemns all attempts, open or veiled, and from whatever source proceeding, which tend (a) to lessen the bonds of marriage or destroy its sanctity, (b) to impair parental authority and responsibility and, (c) to demoralise and disintegrate Catholic home life.
"This Congress earnestly appeals (a) to civil authorities to discourage and avoid legislative or executive action tending thereto and (b) to Catholic leaders, religious and secular, to devise measures which will make possible for Catholic families migrating to urban areas to live Catholic home life and which will, as far as possible, protect their homes against the disintegrating influence of city life."

Resolutions were also passed to the effect that home education should be conducted on sound Catholic lines, so that the family may be a true training ground in the development of Christian character and virtues and be the nucleus in the preservation of Catholic life and religion and in the extension of the reign of Christ on earth. The establishment of an All-India Catholic Educational Trust, to raise funds for t h e support of Catholic schools in India, Burma and Ceylon, was also voted. A further resolution concerning the Catholic press, brought out the need of a strong press to combat present-day evils and to weld Catholic forces into a strong organization. The people will be asked to pledge their support to the existing Catholic publications. In his opening-address to the Congress, Archbishop Henry Doering, Archbishop of Poona, said: "As Catholics, we hold that the family, which is the germ cell of all social unions, is in its beginning a divine institution. Christ sanctified the family by making marriage,, which is the base of the family, a sacrament of His Church.

Materialism, naturalism, socialism and, in our days, bolshevism, combine forces to destroy> holiness and the essence of the Catholic family. Such like ideas are threatening to filter slowly into Catholic minds. To defend the Catholic family and to preserve its purity and holiness is one of the chief activities of Catholic Action." (Fides).

- Malaya Catholic Leader, February 9th, 1935 (1935.pdf pp58)

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