CATHOLICS to-day are surely living in the most stirring and adventurous times that the Church has ever been through," declares the Archbishop of Birmingham in his Advent letter.

"Great events happen almost every day, each having some bearing on Catholic destinies, vast changes and revolutions not only in outward affairs, but in habits of thought and ideals of conduct. "A new age is beginning, whether we like it or not, bringing with it many difficulties and perplexities. "To be a real Catholic now is to live dangerously, to shoulder burdens and undertake responsibilities undreamt of in more tranquil times, to experience struggles and rewards, joy and griefs that the ordinary commonplace paganism knows nothing of "Life is full of difficulties.
The employer who gives all his employees a living wage enough to keep wife and children in decent comfort according to their social standing; the landlord who sees to it that all his tenants are decently housed; the investor who insists on his money being invested only in undertakings which are morally justifiable; the people who will only go to see films and plays when these are decent; the parents who persist in sending their children to Catholic schools, no matter what it may cost them—all these need every ounce of courage and endurance that they can get.

Daily Communion For All.
''We live in an age when great attention is paid to physical culture and to health conditions. And this is all to the good, for good health is the best guarantee of usefulness and happiness and goodness, and the body is strengthened by good food, fresh air, exercise and cleanliness " But what is to strengthen the soul?"

Archbishop Williams answers the question by urging every individual who, being in a state of grace, can possibly do so to receive Holy Communion every day. Correcting certain false impressions, His Grace points out that "daily Communion is not a reward given to us because we are holy, but is a means of grace given to us because we are sinners. "It is so much the best and surest means of obtaining grace that if, for instance, we wished to make a specially good Holy Communion at Christmas, the best means of preparing ourselves would be to receive Holy Communion every day from now to Christmas.

League of Daily Mass.
"The man who finds it hard to make a success of his business if he acts on strictly Catholic principles, the man who wants to bring his whole life into conformity with his religion, to make his trade, profession, and amusements all conform to the teaching of the Church, he surely needs daily Communion.

" The mother who finds it hard to keep her home together, to bring up her children properly, the mother who feels that her influence with her growing boys and girls is begining to wane because they are coming under other influences which she cannot control, she needs frequent Communion.

" The boys and girls who struggle against temptations to impurity, who cannot help hearing impure talk or seeing impure things at their work or in their amusements, can scarcely hope to resist temptation without the strength that comes from frequent Communion."

Finally, His Grace urges his people to join the League of Daily Mass.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, February 2nd, 1935 (1935.pdf pp50)

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