(From "Psychology of Character" by Rudolf Allers, M.D.)
We must not be misunderstood , in the sense of being thought to advocate the total exclusion of all so-called sexual enlightment; quite the contrary. We hold strongly that a knowledge of the facts of sex is essential, and that this I knowledge must be imparted to the child before he acquires it unsuitably from unqualified sources. This enlightenment is the duty of the parents and not that of the school authorities. Of course if the parents are incapable of this, or if they do not possess the child's confidence, it devolves upon others.

But it must always be given by way of individual explanation, never in the form of class-room teaching; the latter can, at most, only prepare the ground by careful instruction in 'biology. Sexual instruction can and should only take place by stages, the moment for its necessity being shown by relevant! questions on the part of the child, always assuming that the requisite confidence is not lacking. Questions of this kind, like all children's questions, must be answered; the remark, " You cannot understand that," is more out of place here than anywhere. It would lead us too far astray were we to deal with this matter in detail, but we believe that we have hinted at the main points.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, February 23nd, 1935 (1935.pdf pp80)

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