There has been an increasing tendency among parents to relegate wholly to others the character formation of their children, and consequently to take hardly any interest in either their intellectual or religious training. However inspiring may be the religious atmosphere of our schools, however perfect their system of training, they cannot entirely supplant the divine institution of the family, and this is especially true where religion is concerned.

To expect the influence of the school to make good the failure of parents to implant in young minds the seeds of religious knowledge and to train them in the habit of prayer, to expect the teacher to instil religion into children whose homes are noted for their religious indifference is, except in rare cases, asking too much. It is therefore evident that in the formation of the most profound and permanent elements of character, it is the home and not the school that counts, and it is for this reason that parents cannot afford to shirk their responsibility.

- Malaya Catholic Newsletter, July 30, 1950 (1950.pdf pp27)

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