Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and to the Saints, is something excellent in itself. Yet here too there must be prudence and commonsense. There is a proportion of value to be observed. In Heaven everything is in order, one rank above another, just as in the Church there is an order of Pope, Bishops, Priests, Deacons etc., (which is called the HIERARCHY). So both in Heaven and on earth we cease to be Christians if our lives are not centred. on THE CHRIST. No, we must not forget that the Blessed Virgin, whom we all love so much, is still a CREATED person only. Of Herself She can do NOTHING for us. She is not the SOURCE of Grace but only the CHANNEL, the means by which God chose to come to this earth. To give Her a place in our lives that She has no right. to, is the biggest insult we can make to Her, because Her own one most burning desire is to make Her Son to reign in our hearts. If ever anyone prays, 'Thy Kingdom Come', it is She.

Do not forget that at Fatima : Mary was only the MESSENGER of the Most High. The Queen of Angels herself acted an Angel.

But this is not written to put any check on your love for Her. Do not be afraid; you can quickly tell if your devotion to her is not a true one. Just ask yourself: Is there any lessening of my desire to know about Christ and His words? Does our obedience to the Law of Christ go hand in hand with our devotion to His Mother? If you ask yourself the question sincerely She Herself will at once put you right and lead you to Her Son.

- Malaya Catholic Newsletter, Saturday, December 3, 1950 (1935.pdf pp98)

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