Rev. Peter Geiermann, C.SS.R., in his "Manual of Theology for the Laity".

Catholics believe all that God has revealed as handed down by Divine tradition and Sacred Scripture. Their belief may be summed up in five points, as follows:

1. About God Catholics believe, (1) That there is one God. infinitely perfect, who exists of Himself from all eternity; (2) That in God there are three Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, equal in all perfections; (3) That the Son proceeds from the Father, and the Holy Ghost from the Father and the Son.
2. About Creation Catholics believe, (1) That God created all things in time, for His glory and the welfare of His creatures; (2) That angels and men were created in original justice, endowed with intelligence and free will and subjected to a trial; (3) That the supernatural joys of heaven were to be the reward of fidelity; (4) That some angels rebelled against God and were cast into hell; the others were faithful and went to heaven; (4) That God gave man an angel guardian; (6) That man sinned and was promised a Redeemer; (7) That human nature was weakened, but not essentially changed by original sin; (8) That God creates every human soul; (9) That the guilt of original sin is transmitted to the children of Adam.

3. About Redemption Catholics believe, (1) That God the Son assumed human nature from the Virgin Mary, uniting the human and the Devine nature in one Divine Person; (2) That He has a human and a Divine will; (3) That He died for the Redemption of all mankind; (4) That His merits are infinite: (5) That He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven; (6) That the Blessed Virgin Mary gave the God-Man, Jesus Christ, His body, and is therefore truly the Mother of God; (7) That on this account Mary was preserved even from original sin; (8) That in consequence her body did not taste corruption, but was reunited after her death to her soul and both were taken to heaven.

4. About Sanctification Catholics believe, (1) That in Christ's merits is salvation for all of good will; (2) That Christ established the one holy Catholic, Apostolic Church to teach, guide and govern the faithful; (3) That He made St. Peter the head of that Church; (4) That the Pope is the lawful successor of St. Peter (5) That Christ gave His Church the infallible guidance of the Holy Ghost: (6) That she is the guardian of God's revealed truth, as contained in Devine tradition and Sacred Scripture; (7) That the Holy Ghost keeps the Pope, His viear on earth, from error when he teaches a doctrine of faith or morals to be held by all the faithful; (8) That public revelation was completed with the Apostles; (9) That faith alone will not save man, but that good morals or good wrorks are necessary; (10) That God gives sufficient grace for salvation to all mankind; (11) That prayer is the universal means of obtaining God's help; (12) That Christ instituted seven sacraments; (13) That every sin can be forgiven; (14) That charity unites God's friends on earth with those in heaven and in purgatory; (15) That veneration of angels and saints is pleasing to God; (16) That it is a holy thought to pray for the souls in purgatory.

5. About the Last Things Catholics believe, (1) That man's probation ends with death: (2) That the particular judgment follows death; (3) That the good go to heaven and the wicked to hell; (4) That those who have temporal punishment to atone for go to purgatory; (5) That this world will come to an end when God wills; (6) That then the dead will rise again; (7) That then Jesus Christ will come to judge the living and the dead; (8) That the good will enter into life eternal, but the reprobate will go into the everlasting fire of hell.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, February 2nd, 1935 (1935.pdf pp41)

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