The Refusal to Produce New Men.
In view of the awful dangers which threaten Europe and the world, one learns to understand the heinous character of the experiments which Judge Lindsay and other marriage reformers are advocating.

Trial Marriages.
One of these insane experiments is the so-called trial marriage. Could there be a greater contradiction? It is like a square circle, or a round square. It is of the essence of marriage that it endure. Candidates of marriage test and examine themselves carefully, whether they are fit for the marriage state , but in marriage itself its durability cannot be tested, for that is the blessing of those united in wedlock—that their love is so deep and strong that they can afford to enter a lifelong union without fear of separation. This essential feature of a true marriage cannot be tested by a trial marriage with its conditional, calculating,, and uncertain love, which does not deserve this name.

Besides, the strongest realization of this firm union, the consummation of marriage, imposes most serious obligations. A trial marriage avoids these obligations and consequently cannot be a trial of a real marriage. It is in no way a test, but a selfish indulgence in superficial pleasures, a cowardly avoidance of its proper duties and a complete ignoring of the deep beauties and joys of married life.

The Use of Contraceptives.
The means of avoiding the proper obligations of marriage are not only used in trial marriages but also by many who have contracted a real marriage. These means are called contraceptives, and they are intended to rob marriage of what should be its pure and high fruit, children.

How unnatural, ugly, and degrading, if in the moment of deepest delight, when self should be merged in the love of the other, and in the greatness of what is taking place, a means of cool calculation is interposed which in a vile fashion steals what it can of pleasure, but destroys the natural result of the act. What should be the highest and most devoted delight thus leads to disgust, loathing, and destruction of one's better self.

It is true during the war the military authorities officially distributed the'se contraceptives among the soldiers, ostensibly for protection against social diseases —and the knowledge of these things has been carried to the most remote town and hamlet of nearly every country. The effects of these practices manifested themselves in fear-inspiring results after the war, Germany and Austr i a reached and fell below the level of France. There was a decrease even in such countries as Italy, Hungary, Poland. In Japan and the United States the same observation is made. Mrs. Sanger and other birth controllers are clamoring for health clinics, where. free information is to be given to all married women. How much misery of body, how much devastation of soul, how much secret and torturing guilt has been caused to millions, and how much noble joy, how many values of strength and devotion have been destroyed by this vile practice! Limitation of the Family and Socialism.

It is somewhat surprising that those who forever shout their slogan, "No more war!" are found among the advocates of birth control. Socialists and communists, who wish to depose capitalism, must rely on the masses to accomplish their purpose. It can be statistically proven that in Holland, Switzerland, in certain parts of Germany, and also in the United States the number of Catholic school children is increasing appreciably faster than the non-Catholic, which if it continues, in due time must lead to a preponderance of Catholics over non-Catholics. In Vienna a number of schools had to be closed for lack of pupils, and this was in regions where the socialistic workers are strong, and a humorist might say, that perhaps a secret capitalist must have slipped in among these proletarians, possibly a manufacturer of contraceptives, to kill two birds with one stone: sell his goods and diminish their number.

The great leaders of socialism of their heroic age did not hold such views. La Salle condemned the teaching of Malthus, that the population increases faster than the means of sustenance, and that consequently the number of children must be limited, as immoral, childish, inhuman, unnatural, uneconomic; and he proved it with good reasons. William Liebknecht rejects resolutely "the dirty practices" of birth control and August Bebel speaks of "disgusting preventive measures in marriage," which he considers as "entirely out of place." Frederick Enge’s calls the teaching of Malthus "an infamous, vile doctrine, an astonishing blasphemy against nature and mankind, and an insane opinion.” Carl Marx was most emphatic in his pronouncement against Malthus : "His nonsense, borrowed from previous writers, of the geometric and arithmetical progression was a mere chimeric hypotheses" and spoke of man's "fundamental vileness," which fully justifies the hatred of the English working classes against Malthus. Clara Zetkin and Rosa Louxemburg speak in the same tone.

We wonder what moved the socialists and communists of today to take over this "bourgeous quackery" against the universal advice of their greatest authorities. Up to the sixties of the last century scientists and government officials in France recommended birth control as a source of national well-being, but when the consequence of the practice became apparent, frantic efforts were made to bring the movement to a standstill—of course in vain. The movement has become an avalanche which will roll on with frightening rapidity and- crushing effect.

Killing the Babe in Its Mother's Womb.
There are other and directly bloody forms of the war of destruction which mankind is waging against itself, and these are even more frequent than the mute form of prevention. If a woman despite all "precaution" has "bad luck," i.e. if in spite of the use of preventives, new life has been started, the fury of destruction does not halt, but an action that must be called both murder and suicide is resorted to. Behold, immediately upon the arrival of the Magi follows the slaughter of the Innocents at Bethlehem. But when the executioners of bloody Herod appeared in Bethlehem, the mothers fled with their infants, tried to hide and protect them with their own bodies, while these modern mothers hasten to meet their executioners, offer their bodies to have them delivered of this inconvenient intruder, whom they have brought in themselves and pay for it with their money, with their health, and anguish of soul. Of the millions of children who are not allowed to be born every year, Germany alone has 600,000, Russia has more, and the United States no less.

One thing is certain, the unescapable results of these horrible practices lead to an equally terrible dilemma: either in a tortured conscience, which never comes to rest ! on account of the dark shades of the murdered unseen babes, or in an indescribable debasement of the heart, especially of woman, who from under her heart, from the safest place in her being, tears away that which she should love most and which had sought holiest shelter with her. The damage here done to the living and the dead is immense and incalculable. A truly happy marriage is thus made impossible. It leads to utter disgust, because with the increasing ease with which children can be avoided, the last remnants of restraints disappear and untrammelled sensuality with its demoniacal powers completely devastate body and soul.

How unnatural the killing of the living foetus is. can plainly be seen from the many serious consequences to the mothers who deny life to their children, such as diseases and even death. Sometimes these consequences do not appear at once, but later throw the whole female organism into complete disorder. Nowadays it cannot be held any longer that this happens only when the operation is performed by quacks, nor that the advanced medical technique makes it safe, for proof of which its advocates point to Russia, where abortion is not punishable by law, if performed in state hospitals and by state-appointed doctors. Neither is it true that the number of abortions in Russia has decreased; on the contrary, it has increased, while the number of births has decreased, as all authors on Russia admit.

From 1913-1925 there was only one abortion to every four births ; from 1925-1926 one abortion to about every two births, and in Leningrad during 1928 the number of abortions surpassed the number of births by 139%. In Moscow, during 1915, there were 96 births for every 1000 women and only 25 abortions; in 1927 the number of abortions mounted to 68, and the number of births decreased to 79. Russian doctors themselves admit the evil consequences of abortion in many directions, e.g., Zomakin: " There is no diseased condition in the female organism in whose causes artificial abortion does not play an important part." The percentage of pathological births and of puerperal diseases is twice as high after abortion as without it. Thus nature created by God, takes revenge on the mother and brings her disease and death, because she brought death to her child, to whom she first gave life.

The Son of God in Mary's Womb.
What a counterfeit picture of marriage instituted by God, with its happiness, peace and purity, the conditions just described present to our view!

0 you pure and holy Virginmother, how you rejoiced in holy joy when the wonder of the Incarnation had been wrought in your pure body! Your heart could not contain the exuberance of joy.

You had to walk in youthful haste over the mountains of Judea, to your cousin Elizabeth similarly blessed.—Fuehrich has painted this walk in a wonderful picture, which would be a most suitable ornament for every young family. Merged in deep happy thoughts, the young mother walks through the landscape, which the master plainly has copied from the Wienerwald.

Above hover angels singing songs, and others strewing roses; before her walk other angels, swinging censers towards her, for she is like a holy tabernacle, in which the Son of God rests and whom she adores in deepest joy and humility, and to whom, upon her arrival at the home of Elizabeth, she sings the Magnificat, the first song of the New Testament, which is also a song of thanksgiving and jubilation of the young mother. Her glory surrounds every Christian mother and makes her worthy of honour, consideration, and aid, and a ray of it even falls on the fallen mother if she repents and willingly accepts her babe, for whom God and good people will care.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 16th November, 1935 (1935.pdf pp461)

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