7 Feb 10, The Apostles: Times flies! It’s already been about 9 months since we embarked our RCIA journey on the 28th of April 2009. For the past 9 months, numerous ordinary folks like us have started our journey of faith as Inquirers to get to know the Church better, to hear the good news of salvation from Jesus Christ our Savior and the Gospels. Subsequently, we’ve entered into the Period of Catechumenate that’s marked with a Rite of Acceptance and we’re no longer known as Inquirers but Catechumens.

During this period of time, it is God’s richness in grace that we could gather with the Catholic community on every Saturday for the first part of the evening mass and after the Homily, we’re sent forth for our Breaking of word and continue a process of reflection and application of the Scriptures to our own lives. The whole process of going through a number of different phases or periods is like a cycle of transformation for most of us! The RCIA journey of faith is like a living testament to the Gospel we’ve heard on the Second Sunday Homily because it’s about change, transformation and conversion.

Ordinary folks like us are alike water. If we listen, obey and follow Him, water can turn into extraordinary wine. He makes the ordinary a miracle. On the other hand, Haiti has been transformed by a disaster - earthquake. The country is in ruins, the cathedral collapsed and the Archbishop of Port Au Prince was killed.

In some way, the Haiti tragedy has instilled another kind of transformation within some of us too. The aid workers in Haiti who are helping in distributing food, water and other suppliers to the Haitians amidst the dreadful conditions on the ground, are not only onlookers but also putting their acts together to lend a hand and serve the distress Haitians. They are ordinary folks doing extraordinary works. From the water of their lives, they make wine.

Although not many of us could reach and help the victims, we could do it with prayer in a way. We could pray for the dead, the injured, the broken families, the lost, the orphaned and the aid-workers. For our prayers would at least ease the anguish souls in Haiti and the now broken Haiti will be transform again.

- written by Y.C. Tan
7 Feb 10, The Apostles

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