SOME time back was published a letter to the Editor pertaining to the question of a Chinese Catholic High School. It will be of interest to our Chinese readers as well as to others to learn that plans have already been laid for the foundation of such a School in Singapore, where there is ample scope for the working of such an institution.

A block of dilapidated old houses in the grounds of the Church of SS. Peter & Paul has been demolished to furnish the requisite site for the building which is to house the new school. A three-storey structure at the cost of $23,000 is to be erected and work on the piling which will cost over $1000 - will soon begin. The total cost of erecting the School building and furnishing the class rooms will come up to over $30,000. The work is expected to be completed in about six month's time when the middle school will be opened, with the prospect of its later developing into a High School. The School will be run on the ordinary lines cf a Sino- : English School, with a course of four years for the lower primaries, two years for the higher primaries, three years for the middle school, and another three years for the high-school.
Contributions for the New School.
WITH the advent of the Chinese New Year the management has begun its work of gathering contributions to meet the expense; of building the proposed School. We feel sure that this attempt to meet %the needs of the Chinese community will be welcomed by all who appreciate a study of their mother tongue, and that this venture will not lack support, if we are to judge from the enthusiasm of our correspondent for such a cause.

We are inclined to think that our correspondent was not aware that plans had already been laid for the proposed school at the time of his writing. We are certain that all those who come to know of the proposed institution and to whom the idea should appeal, will help not only in contributing their share towards the expenses, but also gather in more donations by bringing the new Sino-English. School to the notice of all those who may be likely t o take interest in such an institution.

- Malaya Catholic Leader, Saturday, 1st February, 1936 (pdf pp49)

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